Item Card

Item Card

An item card represents an item in your quote, on it you will be able to specify from frame selections, glass, dimensions and others, the item represents a description and specifications, because of that you can have more than one quantity of that item. 

Item cards are divided in three categories of products, Windows, Doors and Systems. Their editable in six main sections: Operability, Frame, Glass, Dimensions, Hardware and Installation. 

Windows & Doors. See in the following video how to edit all available customizations. 

Systems. Are sets of windows and doors. The system panel shows general information that will affect all system items, such as frame and glass. Once that’s selected, let’s add system items. Click on the icon in the image item section. See the video to learn how to create systems. 



Customize the Frame and Glass

All our category products allow user to select specifications for frame and glass.

Frame specifications

Frame specifications allow users, depending on the category, type and opening, select an specific brand for their items. You can select brand, line and finish. Use the compare option to select the best fit for your project.


Glass specification

Glass specifications allows user to determine between Heavy, Normal and Light glass. Adjust if the glass is tempered or not tempered, with Air or Argon separator and brand type. Use the compare option to select the best fit for your project.


 *Muntin customization is just available for Bellavista Brand.

How to use Item Image 

An image item is a visual representation of your window, door or system. On our item cards we allow user to select for quoting display their prefered view from our 3 main options. 

  • System Generated:  is created by the software once the operability section of the item is filled out, meaning Category, type and opening. 
  • Screenshot:  take a screenshot of a screen to upload as the product image. (In the video below you can see we are zooming in on our PDF for a better view to screenshot the desired section).
  • Upload File: upload a file from your computer.

When the image icons have a green mark means you can switch between image options.


*In our system video, we explain the additional view for systems, which allows you to create the actual system.


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