AI Assistant


Let’s take a look at our AI chat! We created this chat to make your life easier. You can use it to ask Latii to change any specifications of your items within this quote. Be specific so to ensure our AI makes the right changes. Moreover, not only can it make changes to your item cards, but it can also answer all your questions about our brands and allow you to give feedback.

  • Set up your project

    Create a project and understand general information of our platform.

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  • Create AI Quote

    Find out everything you need to create a Quote using our AI tool.

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  • Send your quotes

    Turn your form in final quotes to submit to Latii and get a fast response.

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  • Item Cards

    Choose a type, adjust dimensions and finishes, add installation details, and more.

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  • AI Assitant

    Discover all the benefits and tool that our AI assistant has for you.

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