A fixed window, also known as a picture window, is a non-opening window designed to provide light and a clear view. Since it doesn't open, it's highly energy-efficient and helps with insulation. Fixed windows are used in areas where an unobstructed view is desired.

  • Bellavista

    Corten Rolled Steel

    Secure, energy efficient, and aesthetic with customizable grids and glazing beads in sleek, low-maintenance steel.

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  • Spazio

    Architectural Aluminum

    Feature Dual finish for versatility and maximum customization, energy efficiency, security, and modern aesthetics.

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  • Elevati

    Performance Aluminum

    Budget-friendly elegance, durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal for any space.

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  • Caoba

    Craft luxury Wood

    Limitless custom options, reflecting craftsmanship, design and quality excellence.

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